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Celebrity Mold Lawsuits

Celebrities with Mold Lawsuits:

Erin Brokovich & Toxic Mold

Erin Brokovich Won A Toxic Black Mold Lawsuit

Erin Brockovich bought a million dollar home with the profits from the famous case she won.  She lived there until the entire family was ill.  Her daily life was like having a hangover kind of flu that nothing helped. Eventually it was discovered that her home was infested with toxic black mold, costing over $600,000 to re mediate. She sued the contractor, sub-contractor and former owner of the home. As you can see in the movie, Erin is a true advocate of what she believes in. She now an advocates for people suffering from toxic effects of mold. Hit this link to see what happened to Erin Brockovich.

Ed McMahon Won Toxic Black Mold Lawsuit

Ed McMahon’s Toxic Mold Lawsuit Settlement

Ed McMahon sued his insurance company due to toxic mold throughout the house.  A pipe broke and flooded the den.  The couple stayed in the home during cleanup.  According to the attorney, the house filled with toxic mold and the most toxic area was the couple’ s bedroom.  Their dog, Muffin, died and Pamela  McMahon got sick.  McMahon’s claim that the cleanup  was not done properly. The suit was settled for just over $ 7 million dollars.

Michael Jordan Won Toxic Mold Lawsuit

Michael Jordan’s Sues Over Toxic Black Mold Apartment

NBA Star Michael Jordan owned an upscale apartment in downtown Washington, the Ritz Carlton.  The Jordans sued the contractor.  Leaky plumbing was the cause.  The leaks were so extensive that 1/3 of 162 units needed the walls tore out.  They sued for an disclosed amount.

Lou Ferrigno, Incredible Hulk Sues Over Toxic Mold

Lou Ferrigno, Incredible Hulk Sues Over Toxic Mold

Incredible Hulk Sues Insurance For Toxic Mold Cleanup/Repairs:

Lou Ferrigno “The Incredible Hulk” sued the Mercury Insurance Company for $200,000+ for damage/repair costs due to mold growth.

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