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What Does A Hepa Vacuum Do That Is So Important

1There are many vacuums out there some able to pick up bowling balls and others just claim to be the best.  Prices can go for as little as $50.00 to well over &1,000.  What should a vacuum do to be beneficial?

HEPA Vacuums Should Leave No Dirt Behind

Vacuums should pick up dirt.  They should not leave any dirt behind.  Remember not long ago you could see a cloud of dirt at times when vacuuming.  HEPA vacuums use a HEPA filter which catches 99.97% of all contaminants in the air. There is no dirt cloud.   If you HEPAvacuum all surfaces, there are no biological contaminants:  bacteria, viruses, germs, fungi (mold) left on the surface if the surface was properly cleaned before vacuuming. They are part of what you need to kill mold.  After cleaning the surface with a mold removal product, dead mold spores must be cleaned because even dead mold spores create a mold response.

The difference between HEPA vacuums in cost can reflect the vacuums ability to pick up dirt.  Some vacuums are better than others at getting the most dirt when sweeping.  Others leave some dirt behind.  Generally, the more expensive vacuums do a better job.  If you are vacuuming a rug or upholstered furniture, it should be a deep cleaning as dirt can be trapped deep into the rug.  Other factors to consider are how far can the vacuum reach with attachments?  Can I move this vacuum or is it too heavy?  Some vacuums have heavy suction and are heavy themselves that they pull on your back. You should not need a chiropractic adjustment after sweeping. Can I take this on a ladder and sweep high?

HEPA Vacuum Often

If someone has allergies or a problem with mold, it is important to be able to vacuum frequently and reach the walls and ceiling to get a thorough cleaning.  It is beneficial to everyone to live in a clean house.  Mold can grow in dirt if it is damp enough.  Carpeting degrades over time.  The underlayment can get pulverized to a pulp and look more like dirt.  Mold just loves to hide in this dirt pile.


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