Prevent Mold: Kids Have Delicate Lungs
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Learn how to stop mold from wreaking havoc on your health, home & possessions. Stop mold; breathe clean air & stay healthy. Key points: How to Kill Mold. 2. How to Prevent Mold.

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12 Steps to Stop Mold in Your Home

To Keep Your Home Healthy, Stop Mold

Prevent mold. It is that simple:  your home cannot be healthy if it has mold and mildew.  You can smell mold so can everyone else. Prevent mold by running basement dehumidifier constantly. Dry the air. Buy A Basement Dehumidifier Today. Visit Our StopMoldColdStore:

Mold can trigger asthma and allergies.  Some folks feel rotten all the time. Here are tips to help you prevent mold and keep you home mold free.  To keep you home healthy, mold must be stopped.

1. Stop mold by dehumidifying your basement with a basement dehumidifier specific to the size of your basement. (This is one of the most important points of the website.) Run dehumidifiers anywhere it is wet.  Use crawl space dehumidifiers if you have a crawl space.

2. Fix any cracks in the foundation.  Make sure that there is no water coming into the basement to prevent mold.

3. Prevent mold by drying up water in the basement within 24 hours as it only takes 24 to 48 hours before mold starts to stop mold before it starts.

4. Repair leaks from

Prevent Mold By Fixing Leaky Plumbing: Hidden Bathroom Mold by ClaireH

Prevent Mold: Behind the Sink by ClaireH

5. Keep gutters free of water intrusion.  Ice dams form in the winter and drip in to cause mold.  Keeping gutters clean stops mold.

6. Let the sun shine into the house.  Mold cannot grow in sunlight.  Prevent mold.

7.  Use allergy air purifiers to clean the air throughout the house. Kill mold, bacteria, germs, viruses in the air.  Use allergy air purifiers especially in the children’s room.  Breathing clean air is vital to growing up healthy.

8.  Use a quality HEPA vacuum to clean all surfaces. Dead mold spores can make people sick.  Mold spores are sucked up into the HEPA filter of the vacuum to effectively kill mold.

9.  Use air conditioning in the humid months to prevent mold. Lower temperature. If not, run dehumidifiers and die from the heat.

10.Vent the basement out with fans in addition to using a basement dehumidifier. Adequate ventilation is necessary to preventing mold.

11. No carpeting in the basement.  For the most part, there is no way to stop mold from forming.  The basement cannot be kept dry enough.

12. Dehumidify the basement even with an HVAC system.

If not, you will have mold.  Always assume that there is mold if no basement dehumidifier is running in basement.

There is certainly more.  The whole idea is to cut off moisture, lower temperatures and prevent mold in the first place.  As it is written: “Wisdom is the application of knowledge.” Stopping mold also means cleaning the air of fungi(mold), bacteria, viruses, germs, and more. Prevent and stop mold throughout your house.

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