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10 Tips to Follow After Flooding

 Mold Can Be a Major Problem After Flooding.

We all know that mold can be a major problem after flooding. With all the belongings stored in the basement and the lack of real knowledge concerning mold, one of the leading threats to loss of property and threats to health is mold. It is everywhere and more deadly than folks realize. There are not enough mold remediation companies to go around.

Flood cleanup by YTK23

Flood cleanup by YTK23

10 Tips to Follow After Flooding

1.  Remove water soaked items quickly.  Sort according to what can be saved and washed later like plastic items. Paper items need to be pitched.

2. Dry out the area ASAP. Assume that you need to do so for a long time. Use dehumidifiers, fans, heaters, anything that dries. Do not turn on heating system until the duct work is dried and cleaned.The amount of moisture trapped in walls, plaster, drywall, paper, insulation is still there until torn out.

3. Learn about the basics of mold. It will help you to understand what you need to do. 

4. You must use dehumidifiers everywhere especially a basement dehumidifier that covers the square footage of the basement.

5. If an item is soaked and cannot be dried within 24 hours to 2 days pitch it. The amount of mold that can occur from one porous item is enough to do big damage throughout the house.

6. Beware of hidden mold. If there is a water line, the drywall must be removed preferably at least 1 foot above the line and all of the insulation must be removed.

7. Insulation wicks moisture and can cause hidden mold. Remove any area that is wet.

8. Mold loves warm, dark and damp places.  If all of the house was under water, then everything must be removed and checked for mold.

9. Visit for more info.

10. Consider having your home tested for mold by a reputable company. After doing all that you can, it is very easy to miss something. Your health is more important than paying a couple hundred bucks for the test.

There are many volunteers and groups that come to help out after flooding.  They will help you if you let your needs be known. The key to killing and preventing mold is to work quickly to dry areas.  make sure to remove wet insulation and drywall.  These materials can get moldy quickly



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